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Disk Defrag

FragExt is a free application and shell extension set, designed to help you manage file fragmentation on FAT, FAT32 and NTFS volumes.
The set includes
- A unique file defragmenter which allows you to defragment specific files rather than an entire volume.
- A file property extension for displaying detailed information about a file's, folder's and NTFS data stream's fragmentation information.
- Windows Explorer column and info-tip extensions for displaying file fragments, extents, clusters, disk space usage and alternate data streams.
- Integration extensions for simplifying the use of the FragExt defragmenter, allowing you to select and defragment files directly from within Windows Explorer.
- Simple reporting features allowing you to save the information FragExt gathers.
- A scriptable defragmentation engine, allowing you to create your own custom utilities.
Download FragExt

WinContig is an easy-to-use stand-alone defragmentation tool that doesn't create any installation directories or Registry entries on your computer. Its purpose is to quick defrag files without the need to defrag the whole disk. In addition, WinContig allows you to group files into profiles, and also it accepts a number of optional command-line switches that you can use to control how the program operates.
Download WinContig

HDiskDefrag serves at defragmenting files on your hard disk volume. However, you should analyze whether a defragmentation is absolutely necessary and reasonable. If it's unnecessary, it will burden the disk, without bringing the performance of the system.
Download HDiskDefrag

UltraDefrag is the first open source disk defragmenter for Windows which supports defragmentation of system locked files by running during the Windows boot process.
Download UltraDefrag

Puran Defrag Free
Now get a professional defragmenter for your computer at no price at all. This is Puran Defrag Free Edition which is exactly the same as its commercial version except you do not need to pay for it. Free for private and non-commercial use only.
Download Puran Defrag Free

Use Defraggler to defrag your entire hard drive, or individual files.
Download Defraggler

MyDefrag is a disk defragmenter and optimizer (a maintenance utility to make your harddisk faster).
Download MyDefrag