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Misc. Utilities

Aerofoil extends Vista and Windows 7 notebook battery life by:
- Allowing you to manually disable Aero Glass.
- Optionally managing Aero Glass user interface.
- Optionally managing sound muting.
- Optionally managing your chosen power plans.
- Optionally managing Windows Sidebar.
- Optionally showing a quick hibernate button.
- Changing icon colour to show whether on battery or AC.
Download Aerofoil

WorldDesk allows you to carry your entire computer desktop around on any device, from a simple USB drive, to a smartphone or iPod. You can access all that you need anytime, any place. To get started just plug your device into a Windows 7 PC and, without any installation, continue working like it is your machine. Think of WorldDesk as a home for all your apps, all of your files and all of your personal settings. Your WorldDesk apps run directly on the local machine without any installation. The WorldDesk environment is completely isolated from the host system keeping your work safe and secure.
Download WorldDesk

Coffee will keep your computer wide awake while your downloads or network transfers complete. Coffee prevents standby when your traffic speed on a selected network adapter is above the user configurable threshold.
Download Coffee

FS Touch
Funduc Software Touch is a free 'touch' utility that allows you to change the time/date and/or attribute stamps on one or more files. In addition, FS Touch can add/subtract a specified number of seconds from the existing file time. You can specify which file(s) and/or subdirectories to change via 'complex file masks'. The program can be run from interactively or the command line.
Download FS Touch

FileVerifier++ is a Windows application for verifying the integrity of files. FileVerifier supports various algorithms by means of dynamically loadable hash libraries. It is a pure C++ application and doesn't have any dependencies other than what comes with Windows. Permanent installation is not required and may be burned to a CD or used from a flash drive.
Download FileVerifier++

Bluetooth Driver Installer
This small freeware utility will try to install generic Microsoft driver for your bluetooth adapter. The program is based on a widely known method of patching %WinDir%\inf\bth.inf file. It works for most (but not all) bluetooth adapters, both USB dongles and built-in. Before making changes to your system the program automatically creates a restore point. If anything goes wrong you can use Windows System Restore feature to revert all changes made to your computer.
Download Bluetooth Driver Installer

Hash Codes
Hash Codes is a simple and easy to use application designed to enable users to hash data from keyboard, file or CD/DVD. This tool supports: Adler32, CRC32, CRC64, MD2, MD4, MD5, MD6, SHA-0, SHA-1, SHA-1-IME, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, RIPEMD-128, RIPEMD-160, RIPEMD-256, RIPEMD-320 or Whirlpool algorithm.
Download Hash Codes

This program allows you to change the creation, modify and last accessing date and time of a file or the creation date and time of a folder. You can use this software in two ways. By download or install the executable file or install the shell extension for Windows Explorer. In this way it will appear the new property page in every properties of a file or folder. It's enought to select (or drag and drop into dialog) a file or folder. Set the new date and time and apply the changes. In case of selecting the folder the changes will apply only to files and folders inside this one. You can use a special edit field to make you own file filter.
Download FileTime

It is a free tool to delete files blocked by something you do not know. LockHunter is useful for fighting against malware, and other programs that are blocking files without a reason. Unlike other similar tools it deletes files into the recycle bin so you may restore them if deleted by mistake.
Download LockHunter

Close All Windows
This program lets you close all running applications with just a single click. It doesn't use system resources because it only flashes a 'close' signal to all open applications on the desktop and then ceases. Just create a shortcut to the tool in the Start Menu, Quick Launch, Windows 7 Taskbar or elsewhere.
Download Close All Windows

StrokesPlus is a mouse gesture recognition program similar to StrokeIt. It is written in native Win32/x64 and does not require a hefty runtime like .NET, it only consumes 250-500k of RAM while running, utilizes Lua scripting for actions and provides a great deal of power and flexibility.
Download StrokesPlus

Right Click File Selector
Right Click File Selector is designed for HTPC using a keyboard with track ball or joystick. In this situation, it is difficult to select multiple files with the same extension name such as selecting all .mp3 files in order to play in a queue.
Download Right Click File Selector

Did you ever wonder what is inside a file. The FileScanner tool is capable to detect and decode several file formats even recursively. Data structures can be inspected in detail. Contained data can be exported. To run the software you need to have a Java 6 Runtime Environment installed.
Download FileScanner

BusDog is a handy tool which can help to diagnose many USB problems, from the very basic to the very complex. Just be aware that installation problems can disable all other USB devices, so only try the program if you've a system restore point available and are confident you know how to recover, should things go wrong. (For advanced users!).
Download BusDog

Mousinity creates an infinity effect for your cursor when it reaches the edges of your screen. For example if you go to the top of your screen, your mouse will appear on the bottom, right-to-left, etc. This is especially useful for large screens.
Download Mousinity

Keyndicate visually displays the current state of the CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock key in the tray menu. When a bar is compressed means the key is not active and when expanded signifies the key is active. The order in which the bars are represented are from top to bottom, CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock.
Download Keyndicate

A tiny, flexible, hard-working tool to automate sorting and organizing files and folders. When you need to organize files, DropIt can eliminate much of the drudgery of searching and manually opening folders and moving files around. You can configure DropIt to perform 9 different actions on your files and folders (Move, Copy, Compress, Extract, Rename, Open With, List, Delete and Ignore), filtering files by name, extension, location, size and/or date. You can even save sets of associations in profiles and associate a profile to each desired folder, to scan monitored folders at a defined time interval.
Download DropIt

The Win7AudioSwitcher is built as an accessible instrument for users that have a LCDs/Plasma TVs with HDMI audio and Windows 7. All you have to do is right click on the icon found in the system tray, and select your desired audio device.
Download Win7AudioSwitcher

ProcessKO is a small useful tool to quickly kill a running or hanging process / program. It is not uncommon among developers or program-testers that the programs do not function properly or that you can not even close the programs (using the Taskmanager) usually it's always the same candidates.
Download ProcessKO

You don't have to wait for your monitor to turn itself off. With a quick keystroke, BlackTop will put your monitor(s) to power save mode for you. This is especially handy when you know you're stepping away from your computer for an extended period of time.
Download BlackTop

Swap'em permits to swap the names of two files or folders by either dropping the items onto the application's interface or, to enjoy totally seamless name swapping, add Swap'em to the Explorer context menu and/or to the Send to menu. Swap'em is different from most name swapping utilities as this allows you to swap not just files or folders, but file and folder names. Therefore if you have a folder and file which you want to swap, then it's possible only with Swap'em.
Download Swap'em

FileBot is the ultimate tool for renaming your tv shows and anime, downloading subtitles from various sources or just simple file verification.
Download FileBot

TCC/LE is the free version of our basic Windows command shell (formerly known as 4NT), for students and home users. TCC/LE is a replacement for CMD (the default Windows command prompt). TCC/LE is a superset of the CMD commands, and works with your existing command prompt windows, command line applications, and batch files. But TCC/LE offers a big step up in capabilities, with 111 commands, 240 variables and functions, and thousands of features you won't find in CMD.
Download TCC/LE

ClrMamePro is a so-called ROM-manager. If you use 'MAME' you know the problem. With every new release a lot has been changed. New gamesets have been added, some have been removed, etc. ClrMamePro helps you to keep your ROM collection up-to-date.
Download ClrMamePro

DiffMerge is an application to visually compare and merge files within Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
Diff - Graphically shows the changes between two files. Includes intra-line highlighting and full support for editing.
Merge - Graphically shows the changes between 3 files. Allows automatic merging (when safe to do so) and full control over editing the resulting file.
Folder Diff - Performs a side-by-side comparison of 2 folders, showing which files are only present in one file or the other, as well as file pairs which are identical or different.
Other: Windows Explorer Integration, Configurable, International, Cross-platform.
FREE Registration is required.
Download DiffMerge

Gameplay Time Tracker
If you ever wondered how much time you spent on playing a particular video game then the Gameplay Time Tracker is the program for you. You will be able to use this software in order to find out how your game activity stacks up. Gameplay Time Tracker also allows you to find out what has taken the largest period of your life. Full 64-bit OS support: automatic detection of 32-bit and 64-bit executable files.
Download Gameplay Time Tracker

Ultracopier is an advanced file copy utility with advanced features:
- Community
- Run every where
- Customizable
- Performance and control
- Error and collision management
Download Ultracopier

USBDLM (USB Drive Letter Manager) is a Windows service that gives control over Window's drive letter assignment for USB drives. Running as service makes it independent of the logged on user's privileges, so there is no need to give the users the privilege to change drive letters. It automatically solves conflicts between USB drives and network or subst drives of the currently logged on user. Furthermore you can define new default letters for USB drives and much more.
Download USBDLM

ExtremeCopy Free
ExtremeCopy is a Windows copy file utility which copy and move files and folders extremely fast and operation is simple, it can increase 20% ~ 120% speed up than Windows copy handler. It includs some powerful features such as pause copy process, error recovery and so on but as easy as Windows default copy handler.
Download ExtremeCopy Free

Shortcuts Search And Replace
Shortcuts Search And Replace allows to do easy operations on shortcuts like:
- Search for shortcuts target path, working directory, arguments, and icon location content
- Replace multiple shortcuts target path, working directory, arguments, and icon location content (useful if you move portable applications paths or directory)
- Search dead links, to resolve or delete them (multiple resolves/delete in one click).
Download Shortcuts Search And Replace

Directory Monitor
Directory Monitor allows users to monitor certain directories and will notify you of file changes, deletions, modifications, and new files.
Features: Monitor directories for file changes, modifications, deletions and new files; Monitor local directories or network shares (including hidden shares); Include/exclude filtering on files being monitored; Quickly tell if a directory is available and being monitored; Optionally execute an application when an event occurs; Balloon notifications whenever an event is fired; Auto updating, import/export and more.
Download Directory Monitor

OpenedFilesView displays the list of all opened files on your system. For each opened file, additional information is displayed: handle value, read/write/delete access, file postion, the process that opened the file, and more... Optionally, you can also close one or more opened files, or close the process that opened these files.
Download OpenedFilesView

RunFromProcess is a command-line utility that allows you to run a program from another process that you choose. The program that you run will be executed as a child of the specified process and it'll run with the same user and security context of the specified parent process. If you want to run a program from a 64-bit process, you should use the x64 executable of RunFromProcess (RunFromProcess-x64.exe). In all other cases, you should use the 32-bit version of RunFromProcess (RunFromProcess.exe).
Download RunFromProcess

MoveAndLink (formerly JunctionMaster)
First, for those who do not know what NTFS Junctions (or hard links) are, they are links from one folder to another.
Move a folder to another drive and replace it with a junction point (hard link), making it so no path changes are required. This utilizes NTFS Junction points so works on W2K-Windows 7. Do NOT use without seeing warnings and cautions.
WARNING: Make backups of files first. Do NOT use MoveAndLink if you are NOT an ADVANCED user and make REGULAR and RELIABLE backups.
Download MoveAndLink

WirelessKeyDump is a console application (Command Prompt) that dumps the list of all wireless keys stored by the wireless networks module of Windows operating system.
On x64 systems, you must download and use the x64 version of this tool.
WirelessKeyDump doesn't require any installation process or additional DLL files. In order to use it, simply run it inside a 'Command Prompt' window, and the wireless keys stored by Windows operating systems will be dumped into the console window.
Download WirelessKeyDump

NirCmd is a small command-line utility that allows you to do some useful tasks without displaying any user interface. By running NirCmd with simple command-line option, you can write and delete values and keys in the Registry, write values into INI file, dial to your internet account or connect to a VPN network, restart windows or shut down the computer, create shortcut to a file, change the created/modified date of a file, change your display settings, turn off your monitor, open the door of your CD-ROM drive, and more...
Download NirCmd

FastCopy is the Fastest Copy/Delete Software on Windows. It supports UNICODE and over MAX_PATH (260 byte) files pathnames. It automatically selects different methods according to whether Source and DestDir are in the same or different HDD.
Download FastCopy

How often have you tried to delete or rename a file or folder and got
Cannot delete file (or folder): It is being used by another person or program.?
Unlocker is a tool which will help you removing this Windows bug.
Simply right click the file or folder and select Unlocker. If the file or folder is locked then a window will appear with a list of processes locking the file or folder. Select the locks and click Unlock and you are done.
Download Unlocker

File Joiner
File Joiner (or .001 File Joiner) is a very simple and easy to use application that will combine split files (with extensions: .001, .002, .003, etc.) back into one file.
Download File Joiner

IgorWare Hasher
IgorWare Hasher is a free SHA-1, MD5 and CRC32 hash generator for Windows.
Download IgorWare Hasher

Copy Handler
Copy Handler is a free software for Windows systems, which allows you to take full control over the file copy and move operations. Program is highly customizable and fully integrates with the operating system. In addition, Copy Handler offers many advanced options such as task queuing, filtering files according to specific criteria, pausing and resuming copying files operations, changing the copying parameters on the fly and in many cases also offers a significant acceleration of the entire copying files process.
Download Copy Handler

FileTypesMan is an alternative to the 'File Types' tab in the 'Folder Options' of Windows. It displays the list of all file extensions and types registered on your computer. For each file type, the following information is displayed: Type Name, Description, MIME Type, Perceived Type, Flags, Browser Flags, and more.
Download FileTypesMan

ProduKey is a small utility that displays the ProductID and the CD-Key of Microsoft Office (Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2007), Windows (Including Windows 7 and Windows Vista), Exchange Server, and SQL Server installed on your computer.
Download ProduKey

RunAsDate is a small utility that allows you to run a program in the date and time that you specify. This utility doesn't change the current system date and time of your computer, but it only injects the date/time that you specify into the desired application.
Download RunAsDate

TreeCompare will compare two directories against each other. It can display differences or similarities between the two directories. You can also control the compare criteria such as times, size, and attributes.
Download TreeCompare